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Hello friends, if you are Looking for a music app and you like listening to songs very much if songs have taken a place in your life and you are looking for a platform that will allow you to listen to the songs of artists from all over the world for absolutely free.  If you give it a chance, we have discovered such an APK for you whose features will touch your heart because this APK can fulfill your every need regarding songs, such as the ability to listen to unlimited and latest songs. Russo, Spotify, etc apps

We have to take a paid subscription so that we can listen to the songs.  You may not have to face advertisements like advertisements, but Blackhole APK has brought the solution to your problem. Yes, we are talking about the black hole app.  It is an online music player platform

 This gives us a chance to listen to popular and latest songs from all over the world for absolutely free and the most special and surprising thing about it is that there is no advertisement seen while listening to the songs.

Due to these advanced features, today there has been a huge increase in the downloads and users of the black hole app. Below we have cleared all the doubts regarding the black hole app and have discussed the advanced features and all the information of the black hole app so that All the doubts related to hole app will be cleared and you can enjoy songs from all over the world without any interruption in your daily life, so let’s get started without wasting time

What is Black Hole Apk

If you are fond of listening to songs and have ever heard about black hole APK, then for your information, let us tell you that black hole APK is one of the best music player apps in the world. The black hole app gives you access to songs from all over the world.  If you have hated your previous music apps due to advertisements and are getting hampered in listening to your songs, seeing this problem, the developers have created a black hole app, the first features of which are:  What is kept in mind is that there are no ads, yes, if you are listening to music on black hole app, then you do not get to see any kind of advertisement which can create any kind of hindrance in your entertainment.  hole app also follows the terms and conditions of other best music player apps and does not use any illegal platform.

You can also join the developers and help the Telegram channel of the black hole app so that you can tell about any problem and thank them for the features, not only this, you can also get new updates related to a black hole.  You can also get it on this Telegram channel Apart from streaming songs in the black hole app, you can also download any favorite song and listen to it whenever and wherever you want and enjoy the wonderful world of songs along with your work. Apart from this, black hole APK also has many advanced features.  Some features will surprise you and will make their place in your heart, so let us discuss some advanced features of the black hole app and introduce you to its advanced features.

Features of Black Hole Apk

Black hole app has increased its popularity immensely due to its advanced features, some of which are given below

No Subscription required

There are many such apks of Jesa in which we have to pay a few pesos on a monthly basis to listen to our favourite latest songs but black hole apk is exactly the opposite because in black hole apk you can listen to your latest and songs from all over the world absolutely free. You do not need to make any kind of payment for this, it is a completely free music player apk.

No Ads

There are many such apps available on the Internet which provide us with a wealth of music, but the ads in them are very annoying which affects both our interest and experience in the songs, but this is the problem. Considering this, black hole apk was created according to which if you are enjoying any song then you will not be shown any kind of ad,

Unlimited Songs Available

. We get to see unlimited songs in music player platforms like Spotify, Resso and YouTube Music. In the same way, in black hole apk we also get to see unlimited songs which are completely in the best sound and clear voice. In black hole apk, we get to listen to songs of almost all languages. You can listen to any song.

Download Songs

In Black hole apk, you get the option to download any song. If you like a song very much and you like to listen to it every day, then you can download that song and keep it in your download store whenever and wherever you want. You can enjoy your songs as per your wish.

High quality sound and lyrics available

In black hole apk, you get to listen to high quality sound like other music player apps and if you want to enjoy the lyrics of the song, then the option of lyrics is also available in black hole apk, you can listen to any song with lyrics. can increase happiness

High All languages sport and favorite songs

Most of the music player apps do not have many languages available but in our black hole apk we get the option of all the languages. We can select the language in which content and apk language we want, along with this we can play one of our favourite songs.

Why is Black Hole APK the best

 Many music player apps on the internet provide songs keeping in mind their respective features. Similarly, black hole APK is the best music player which is famous all over the world due to its advanced features.  It does not use any type of illegal sources. It is a completely safe app that you can use in your daily life to enjoy the world of songs. The Black Hole app is a free music player that provides us with the world without any subscription.  Helps in listening to full songs in which advertising is completely blocked so that there is no hindrance in your songs.  In this, you also get the option to download songs so that your data pack is saved.

 Looking at all these advanced features and security features, we can say that the Blackhole app is one of the best music player apps, that is, the black Blackhole app is the best.

How to download & install black hole APK on Android

App NameBlackHole
Current Versionv1.15.10
Updated On05 Jan 2024
File Format.APK
Scan ReportNo Malware Found
Size24 MB
Requires Android4.4+
Star rating4.5

If you black hole app.  If you want to download it on your Android device, then we have discussed the step-by-step downloading method below, with the help of which you can easily download Black Hole.  You can download the Apk

Step 1. First of all, you have to go to the settings of your Android device and enable the option of Unknown sources installation in the security option so that you can download the black hole app on your device without any problem.

Step.2.  Now you have to search the black hole app on Google and visit its official site.

 Step 3.  Now you have to find the option to download the black hole APK on this site and click on it.

 Step.4.  Your black hole APK file will be downloaded in some time.

 Step 5.  Now you have to go to the file manager of your device, search for the black hole APK file, and install it.

 Step.6.  Within some time your black hole app will be installed in your device and will start showing on your screen.  Now you can enjoy songs from all over the world with your black hole app.

How to download & install black hole APK on a PC & computer.?

 If you want to download the black hole APK on your PC or computer, then for your information, let us tell you that you cannot download the black hole app on your PC or computer. You can download the software of the black hole app on your PC or computer.  You can do this so that you can enjoy the black hole app on your PC. black hole software is exactly similar to black hole APK but it is completely made for PCs or computers that PC users can use Keep in mind that you are downloading the black hole software from the official site of black hole APK only so that your device does not face any kind of problem.

How to use black hole APK

The black hole app is the best music player which is very easy to access, you have to click on the icon of the black hole app and you will just reach the home page of the black hole app, now you will see songs that are the latest if you want.  If you want to search for any song then you can easily find the song by clicking on the search icon. To play the song, simply click on that song and your song is ready for you. You will get to see all the languages ​​in the black hole app.  You can choose whichever language you are interested in. You can also search for an artist’s name and listen to that artist’s songs. black hole APK is available for you with a simple and intuitive interface that everyone can access on their device.


Is black hole APK safe for our device?

 If we are told about any APK then a question arises in our mind whether this APK is safe for our device or not.  No matter how beneficial that APK is for us.

 Keeping this doubt in mind, we are discussing this topic for you whether the black hole app is safe for our device or not.

 So for your information, let us tell you that black hole APK does not use any kind of blocking platform, due to which it is a safe app because all the users who have used black hole APK have security against the black hole device.  No complaint related to this has been seen or heard, that is, the device is not in any kind of danger from the black hole app and if we download the black hole app from its official site, then any kind of dangerous virus along with it will enter our device.  They do not come, which may cause any kind of problem with our device.

 Keeping all these things in mind, we can say that the black hole app is a completely safe app for our device.

Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface

Like other music player apps, the interface of the black hole app is also very simple and intuitive. black hole app has been designed keeping in mind all types of users so that every user can use it and access it easily on their device.  It is very easy to use and play songs. Whatever song you want to listen to, you can find that song by searching in the search bar. You will already see the latest songs on the black hole APK home page, which you can easily play.  You can listen by doing this. In this way, the interface of the black hole app has been made user-friendly.


Is black hole apk absolutely free

Yes black hole apk is absolutely free

Is black hole apk safe

Yes black hole apk is absolutely safe and secure for your device

How to download Black hole apk

We have explained the complete method of downloading black hole apk in the complete information written about this black hole apk, please read it


In today’s era, no person does not like listening to songs.  Artists around the world have made their identity and career based on their songs and have won the hearts of people, in such a situation, people are always looking for the best music player platform where they can listen to the new songs of their favorite artists for free.  Given the same problem, we have done complete research and found an APK for you that can prove to be very beneficial for you because this APK fulfills all the shortcomings related to the songs of the users and fulfills their needs.  If you are also fond of songs then what are you waiting for, download Black Hole Music Player APK on your device now and enjoy music from all over the world.  We hope that you liked the information given by us. Thanks for visiting our site